Complete Pease of Mind


From bank statements to commercial contracts, private records & business deals, Quay Recycle is a leading provider of confidential services and data destruction solutions to both local authorities and commercial business with over 22 years of combined recycling experience.

Our confidential document bags are self sealed confidential paper sacks for a totally secure solution. The sack is filled, sealed by you and then both sack and contents are collected and shredded thus removing any risk of documents being left in the sack or accidentally being discarded.

We offer a fully managed service for the collection & disposal of confidential waste paper, whether it is on a regular or call & collect basis. We can advise & supply containers for the best method of storing the material within an office or commercial environment and how to maximize the efficiency of our collections. This can involve our staff collecting from around a building, or otherwise from a central point. We do not require you to sort or segregate any materials; we will gladly collect i.e. plastic wallets lever arch files ring binders containing confidential waste paper.

Our trained staff will arrive on the designated day once you have contacted us to arrange a collection. Our vehicles bring your confidential waste paper back to our secure facility, where it is unloaded and taken directly to the secure shredding area. The average shredding time from collection is currently 4 hours (depending on location & amount) we make sure that all you’re confidential materials is always destroyed on the day of collection. All the confidential waste paper is shredded by a large industrial shredder and then baled in preparation for recycling. Once destroyed, we issue clients with a Certificate of Destruction to prove material has been destroyed, and a transfer note as required by duty of care regulations.

We also offer a service where clients can come to witness the destruction process if requested.